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Our Mission

Performing Spaces For The Arts'  mission is to provide training and development to youths in diverse forms of the arts, and to introduce them to the limitless opportunities in the creative and cultural arts sectors.  

Our vision

Performing Spaces For The Arts'  vision is to expand and diversify The Bahamian cultural and creative arts expressions to a place of sustainable development through an Academy Of The Creative Arts. We envision a Bahamas in which the diverse ecology of the arts is deeply valued and supported, adequately and equitably resourced, and where participation is accessible to all.

about us

Performing Spaces For The Arts is an organization aimed at revolutionizing the creative and cultural arts industry in The Bahamas.  Our focus is to harness the creative gifts of youths and to empower them to reach their full potential. Our goal is to encourage youths to cultivate their artistic abilities, and to provide an outlet for them to express their talents. Performing Spaces seek to be on the cutting edge of art education, merging technology with traditional forms of the arts. In addition to singing, dancing, and acting, we now offer aerial arts and the mechanism of holography in our training programs. 

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